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Welcome to Reagan's Photo Galleries

California Zephyr Through Colorado October 2016

Welcome to Reagan's Photo Galleries!

Welcome to my photo galleries. I am a retiree living in Nashville, Tennessee. I enjoy traveling and sharing my photos with family and friends. I am a native of Louisiana and a graduate of Louisiana Tech University 1963. I have lived in Tennessee since 1966. One of my favorite travel destinations is Hawaii. Enjoy my photos.

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Latest Gallery Update - November 19, 2016

Nashville Zoo November 2016

Visited the Nashville Zoo to hike the jungle trail and check out the new tortoise exhibit.  Lots of construction for several new exhibits coming in 2017 .  Photos are in my Nashville Zoo November 2016 photo gallery in the Nashville Zoo sub folder.

Amtrak Fall Adventure Chicago and California Zephyr October 2016

Flew from Nashville to Chicago.   In Chicago I did some rail fanning riding Amtrak's Hiawatha trains to Milwaukee and the Carl Sandburg to Galesburg returning to Chicago on Amtrak's Southwest Chief.  After two days I traveled on Amtrak's California Zephyr Chicago to Emeryville, CA, where I stayed three day riding the California Corridor trains to Sacramento and the California State Railroad Museum and walked along the San Francisco East Bay coastal walking trail.  I completed the trip riding Amtrak's Coast Starlight to Los Angeles and flying home to Nashville from LAX Airport.  I've uploaded six photo galleries in Folder Amtrak Fall Adventure Chicago and California Zephyr October 2016 in the Rail Trips 2016 Folder.

Amtrak Saluki August 2016 One Day Trip

Drove from Nashville to Carbondale, IL, and rode Amtrak's Saluki train from Carbondale to Mattoon, IL, and return August 17.  While in Mattoon I ate breakfast at the Downtown Diner.  I did this same trip in September 2015.  Photos are gallery Amtrak Saluki Day Trip  August 2016in the Rail Trips 2016 Folder.

Via Rail and Amtrak June 2016 Trip to Halifax, NS

Traveled Via Rail and Amtrak trains to Toronto and Halifax, NS, in Canada and Albany, NY and New Orleans in USA.  There are 16 photo galleries in sub folder Via Rail and Amtrak June 2016 Trip to Halifax, NS in the Folder Rail Trips 2016.

Nashville Zoo April 2016

Visited the Nashville Zoo to check out the kangaroo exhibit and other changers at the zoo since my last visit.  Photos are in my Nashville Zoo April 2016 photo gallery in the Nashville Zoo sub folder.

Spring 2016 Amtrak Rail Adventure March 27 - April 13

Traveled on five trains on board seven nights from New Orleans to Seattle and return to Seattle.  Traveled on Amtrak's City of New Orleans twice while traveling one trip each on Amtrak's Empire Builder, Coast Starlight, and California Zephyr.  Stayed six nights in Seattle to check out the city and its sights and also to visit family and friends.  There are eleven photo galleries Folder Rail Travel 2016 in sub folder Spring 2016 Amtrak Rail Adventure.

Costa Rica 2016 February 9-23

Traveled February 9-23 to Costa Rica to visit my friend Charlie Doggett in Atenas.   I stayed most of the time at Charlie's home in Costa Rica making many day trips to experience Costa Rica.  We did travel with a group to visit Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean side and stayed at Laguna Lodge for three days, two nights.  I have created a new folder Costa Rica and added 15 photos galleries to sub folder Costa Rica 2016 February 9-23

Amtrak Winter Adventure January 2016

I flew to New Orleans, LA.  After a day in New Orleans I rode Amtrak's City of New Orleans to Chicago, IL.  In Chicago I connected to Amtrak's California Zephyr traveling the full route through snowy Colorado and the Sierra Nevadas to Emeryville, CA.  After a day in Emeryville and San Jose, CA, I flew back home to Nashville from San Francisco.  There are seven photo galleries in the Sub Folder Amtrak Winter Adventure January 2016 in the Rail Travel 2016Folder.

January 22, 2016 Six Inch Snowstorm

After returning home from my Amtrak Winter Adventure Nashville and my home were blessed with a six inch snowstorm.  Photos of scenes from my home in Grassland Community of Franklin, TN, are in gallery January 22, 2016, Six Inch Snowstorm in the About Me Folder.

Family Christmas in Louisiana December 2015

Traveled to my Louisiana home to spend Christmas week with my family and friends in Northwest Louisiana.  Photos are in gallery Family Christmas in Louisiana December 2015 in the About Me Folder.

Amtrak Adventure May 2015 - New Orleans, Glenwood Springs, CO, Emeryville, CA, and Denver, CO

May 23 to June 6 I visited four cities New Orleans, LA; Glenwood Springs, CO; Emeryville/San Francisco, CA; and Denver, CO traveling on Amtrak's City of New Orleans and California Zephyr.  I have added 12 photo galleries in the Amtrak Adventure May 2015 sub folder in the Rail Travel 2015 Folder.

Hawaii March 2015

I returned to Honolulu, Hawaii, for a two week visit March 11-26.  This visit was all about "hanging loose" relaxing and visits with friends from Hawaii and Australia.  I stayed in the Rainbow Tower at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  I have added 12 photo galleries in the Hawaii March 2015 sub folder in the Hawaii Folder.

The Photos Below on this Home Page

The photos displayed below on this Home Page are photos from my Emeryville East Bay Walk photo gallery.  

Emeryville's East Bay Walk

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